Old Court Farmhouse Grade II Listed

Client: John & Pam Coote
Location: Hutton, Somerset

Remove areas of cement, rebuild unstable areas of masonry with lime, replace missing coping stone, lime render and limewash.

This medieval gable dating back to C1450 was suffering not only from poor maintenance over decades but burrowing masonry bees had begun to destabilise areas of the stonework.

Like most medieval buildings in Somerset the walls are built with an earth mortar and without its protective lime coating the bees were able to tunnel into the soft mortar.

There were fragments of an original lime render at the top of the gable which were removed to allow repair and repointing of the masonry behind. We matched the thickness colour and texture of this historic lime render.

Areas damaged by Masonry Bees
Damaged area racked out ready for repointing
above: Damaged areas of stone work repaired and repointed.
Hand application of Lime Render
Fragments of original Lime Render remaining on the Gable
We were able to match the thickness colour and texture of this historic Lime Render.