Lime Repair - Fforden

Client: David & Amanda Acland
Location: Wadeford, Dorset

Removal of cement render, structural repairs, extend roof to over sail gables, installation of French drain.

Fforden, a former village bakery has remnants of a sizable bread oven.

This fascinating building was suffering structurally from failing lintels and bulging walls.

The cement render was removed very carefully to reveal the extent of the repairs required. We worked carefully with structural engineer Patrick Stow and Conservation officer Greg Venn to come up with the most suitable approach for the building.

A roughcast render which is a very traditional lime render was applied and limewashed.

Plans for 2011/12 installing more appropriate windows and a porch to match historic photographs.

Fforden - Customer Testimonial
David & Amanda Acland, Fforden, Wadeford

Julie and her team of experts gave us friendly and timely service at Fforden.

The main objective was to replace concrete render with lime but this entailed many other significant pieces of work to improve drainage, repair lintles, extend the roof and effectively rebuild a chimney.

We were impressed by Lime Repair's foresight, consultation, reassurance, cleanliness, professionalism, creativity, enthusiasm, hard work and traditional techniques.

Fforden Cottage before works began
Fforden Cottage viewed from the left side
Removing Timber Lintels
Timber lintols causing structural movement in masonry areas were removed and replaced with brick
Roofing detail in poor state
Poor roof detailing meant that water could gain access at the joint between the tiles and the render
The Roof stripped off
The roof was stripped off, repaired and extended to give an overhang to correctly shed water